What is it ?


Increases the value of your personnal assets. Capitalizes on your investments while bringing an artistic touch to your home.


of credit

  • The investment is spread out over several months to divide up the costs.
  • The credit has a lever effect. There is no personnal contribution.
  • The works of Art acquired assume greater value with time.

Art in your offices

will give a bright image of you and will make your clients, partners and teams feel confident.


of financing plan

A work of Art is valued at 10 000-12 000€.

Financing plan :

  • 325€/month over 36 months
  • 266€/mois sur 48 mois

At the end of the contract :

  • Residual value: 500€ (5% of the financed amount)

The LOP on Artworks created by listed artists constitutes an innovation surpassing the client’s apprehension of an expansive purchase in a sector that grows constantly.

Contemporary Art

is today considered a safe-haven investment.

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